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About Me

Just wanted to put up a small page devoted to yours truly, ME, aka rimfirehunter.

As of this writing, April 2006, I am 40 years old, live in the state of South Carolina, and have been married to a wonderful woman for the last 6 years.  We have 6 children, three from my previous marriage and three from her previous marriage.  Of the six children three are adults, two live with us and one with my ex.

My hobbies and interest are small game hunting, shooting, camping, fishing, woods walking (hiking to city folks), preparedness, survival and surfing the net for anything related to my hobbies and interest.  Primary shooting interest are any type of rimfire rifle or pistol, muzzleloaders and centerfire semi-auto pistols.  Shotguns and large caliber centerfire rifles never really caught my attention much, but I do like Mil-Surp type bolt rifles and semi-autos.

When it comes to preparedness, and survival, its safe to say I got started as a youth when I became involved with the Boy Scouts.  The Scouts motto is Be Prepared, so its something that stuck with me from my youth and into adulthood.

Was born and raised in rural north central Louisiana, spent most of my free time fishing, hunting and loafing around in the woods behind my home, remember this was before cable TV and Atari was just starting to hit the markets.  I graduated high school in 1983, joined the US Navy a few months later and spent the next 13 years working for Uncle Sam and seeing most of the world, especially the part covered by water.  After leaving the Navy in 1995 I went to work for a textile company in Georgia and worked there for 4 years then moved to South Carolina, met my wife and been here ever since.

Between 1984 and 1990 I was stationed in Florida and had the privilege of experiencing a number of hurricanes and tropical storms first hand.  Because I was already involved in being prepared for emergencies, plus being in the military, I adapted to the hardships of making it thru those days and weeks with ease and in relative comfort.

During the same time period I enjoyed a lot of off time tromping around the vast swamps found in Florida and southern Georgia.  Sometimes I would spent several days to a week in the Everglades or Okefenokee Swamp on solo canoe trips.  Other favorite places were the numerous lakes, rivers and smaller swamps found throughout Florida and Georgia.  Two of those years was spent down in the Florida Keys, man that was a blast.  I had the chance to island hop many of the isolated and uninhabited islands that make up the Keys, talk about fantastic time now that was it.  Also took a few sailing trips to the Bahamas on small weekend sized sail boats. think the ocean is big wait till you see if from the deck of a 26ft sail boat!

Between 1991 and 1995 I was stationed in Virginia.  I spent the vast majority of this time deployed to the Persian Gulf or Balkans, so my outdoor adventures in Virginia were pretty limited to a few Civil War parks and some camping trips.

Since I moved to South Carolina in 1999 I have enjoyed numerous camping trips, mainly to local lakes, a number of sight seeing trips to the mountains of North Carolina and several trips to Charleston SC.  I am a BIG history buff, so battle parks, forts and museums are always on my agenda when I go someplace I haven't been before.

That's the short version and basically the highlights about Me.