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Welcome to my Community Page

Would like to thank Canuck In Denver for providing the space for my Community Page and Blog, so if you are in need of a survival/preparedness spot on the internet he's the man to contact.

Why Be Prepared?

In the last few years everyone in this country, and most of the world, has witnessed what can happen when disaster strikes.  The first thing to go are public utilities, emergency services, law and order and the transport and distribution of food, water, sanitary and personal hygiene items.  If you found yourself in a situation like what happened in the Gulf Coast states, remember Hurricane Katrina, would you be able to make it through a few weeks on your own or would you end up running to a community shelter in hopes of obtaining food, water and shelter?  Remember the Superdome, it was a community shelter that turned into a living hell for those who went looking for a safe place to stay.

What about a winter ice storm?  Say you loose power for a week or more with average day time temps hovering right at freezing and night time temps going well below freezing.  Do you have what it takes to keep your family warm and alive under these conditions?  Well this has happened to us three times in the last five years and we live in a southern state with relatively mild winters!  Had I not been prepared with items like non perishable foods, cook stove, emergency heater, stored heating fuel, lanterns, candles and plenty of warm clothing, sleeping bags and plenty of batteries for the kids games, we would have been forced to evacuate our home for at least a week.

I could go on, and on and on about possible disaster scenarios, but the two above should give you an idea of how important being prepared is.

If the alarm sounded to evacuate now, would you now what items to grab, what to leave, where to go, who to call?  These are some really serious things to think about and by preparing now you will surely make wise decisions later.

Getting Started

The internet is full of information concerning Preparedness and Survival, just run a search on Google using the key words Preparedness or Survival, there are literally millions of web pages containing those key words.  For those who live in the United States, I highly recommend you start at one of the following sites..

Ready.Gov  |  American Red Cross  |  FEMA

Read the information those sites have to offer, follow the basic guides for preparedness, and by all means obtain the skills needed to put your knowledge to use in the event of an emergency.  Get the basics and build upon that.

Good luck and by all means BE PREPARED!