North's Stream Powered 12VDC Genset Concept

This is the rough concept drawing of my stream or rushing water powered genset made out of an old industrial barrel fan and a Ford Alt/generator. The one I built and am playing with looks sort of like the one illustrated below

Below is the basic wiring concept. The set-up uses an external voltage regulator. The Voltage meter is a 0-20VDC volt meter from Radio Shack.

This is just the concept drawings of the genset, in a few weeks I'll post the photos of the actual genset that I have built for my hunting camp. I still have a few tests to make and a few bugs to work out.

Basicly the way the system work is you set the genset down into a fast flowing stream, the water inlet on the barrel fan should be sorta funnel shaped to catch as much water as possible in order to create pressure to get enough RPMs to produce a usable current output. So far my tests have shown that with a good stream I can get at least 15 amps @ 14 VDC before the drag on the alt is too much for the paddle wheel and the unit bogs down. In other words, in theory, the more water pressure, the more current output.

This genset is not for the small babbling brook or slow flowing creek or stream