North's Rainwater catchment system

I finally got around to taking Pics of my rain collection system and cistern and had a little time to upload them.

A good 1 hour rain will fill my 1500 gallon tank, which will last my family of 6 for roughly 2 to 3 weeks. And the side of the house (roof) that I'm using is 630 sqft. or 14 feet by 45 feet

In the first photo is my deck that I contructed over top of a 1500 gallon plastic tank which I bought at a surplus auction (I basicly stole mine (dirt cheap), however they sell for around $300) What I did was to dig a hole slightly larger than the tank, placed the tank in the hole, filled the tank with water and backfilled the hole with concrete but not covering the top of the tank.

Here is a picture showing the deck and the new filter hut. See the right side of the picture, the new filter hut covers the bucket seen on the right of the picture above.

Trap door in the deck to the 1500 gallon tank.

Next is a shot of my basic plastic guttering. It sells for roughly $5 for a 10 foot section.

This pic is of the gutter filter. This is a five gallon bucket that I cut a hole into the bottom and mounted it on top of a 3" toilet flange.

The flange is so that 3 inch plastic pipe and fitting works without any hassle or leaking and it is the pro way to go (looks pro also) The bucket: at the bottom is two flat layers of chicken wire and then the bucket is filled 3/4ths the way with #5 (about the size of a kiwi or small lemon) gravel. Every month I dump the gravel and replace it with fresh gravel. In the fall I install chicken wire (I have it precut) across the gutters to help keep the leaves out.

These next pics are the filter and pump shed, However due to a heater failure last year, I moved the new pump and filter into the closet of the room that is directly above the shed. I did this to make it easier to keep things from freezing and busting. The last freeze cost me a new pump.

The final step (not pictured) is the final filter. Its a two stage filter made out of 4 inch ASB pipe and the proper adaptors The first stage is charcoal that I make from hardwood, and the second stage is rough or course sand.

This is the front or kitchen side of the house.

Parts list for filters: prefilter:
5 gallon bucket
3 inch toilet flange
silicone sealer
3 inch PVC pipe (as much needed for your needs)
elbows, adaptor, etc... as needed

Final filter:
two 3/4 to 4 inch adaptors (you may need to piece these together from a pile of fittings)
24 inches of high pressure 4 inch plastic pipe
3 4 inch disk screens.

To assemble; glue on the first 3/4 inch to 4 inch fitting to one end of your 24 inch 4 inch pipe (be sure to mark this side OUT FLOW), next insert a disk screen, now fill 1/2 way with course sand, next insert another disk screen, now fill the rest of the way with hardwood charcoal, add the last disk screen and glue on the other 3/4 inch to 4 inch fitting. This side is your input. This filter is designed to fit inline after the pump and charge tank in a 3/4 inch pipe, this should be installed just before the pipe junction or split.