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Frugal Squirrels Survival Libraries
     Ken's BBS Survival Library Online
     The Alapha and Omega Libray Online
     The Survival Library Online
     The Survival Food-Preservation Library
     The Second Amendment Library
     The Handloading Library Online

Other Cool Sites
     Learn To Make Tire Sandals
     The American Red Cross
     Equipped To Survive
     The WONDER CLEAN Review
     Big John Country An Excellent Site
     Duncan Long Artwork, Stories, Music, and Articles That Will Amaze, and Sometimes Terrify
     Nuclear Blast & Fallout Shelter FAQ
     Bill's Hunting Cabin
     American Survivalist Survival Skills and Supplies for Today's World

Cool Places To Buy Stuff
     Major Surplus-n-Survival
     Sports mans guide
     Cheaper than Dirt
     Frugal Squirrels