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These images are links to other sites. NOAA ,USGS  , CDC  and Alan Hagans Food Storage Guide.


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 Canuck in Denver Survival Guide , County Extension Agent Handbook    , Lesson for 72 hour kit in power point   ,  How to get a 7 day kit over the course of 1 year.

CD3WD torrent (If you use torrents, this will get you the 13+ GB zipped files in one download)


Links of use: FEMA (Are you ready a guide) , Preparedness Nuggets ,   The Survival Podcast  , Survivalist boards , JWRs Survival Blog, Citizen Corp Civilian Emergency Response Team , Grogs Blog on Word press , Survival Mom ,  A list of other supplies and kit , ( By women for women) , Blog Talk Radio James Talmadge Stevens, The preparedness blog  Stories: The Cabin , Andrew’s General Store, Other Resources


This page is set up for information purposes and is a resource not an end and be all. Thanks for the visit and I wish you well.

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