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I was asked to create these pages for a private site. Quite a bit of research went into these pages so I decided to provide the information on these pages to a wider audience.
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My Comms Kit

Getting information in a survival situation is very important. We need to know what is going before, during and after an emergency. Before the emergency we need to be aware of any emergency or danger that is developing. This can be through TV, the Internet, a telephone call, shortwave, scanner, CB, All Hazards (formerly weather alert) radio, etc. I have a Radio Shack All Hazards Weather Alert radio that is on 24/7. In addition I usually have a shortwave radio going as I listen to various talk radio shows and/or have my computer on. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. In my car I have a Uniden highway scanner that is usually set to Weather/All Hazards Alert mode so that any emergency broadcast will be heard before it hits the radio stations. I also have a CB in the car, but that is usually off when in the city and only comes on when I'm outside the city.

For my BOB I keep a pouch the same size as my survival kit with a number of things in it. For listening I have a Kaito KA008 solar/crank/AC/DC/rechargeable battery shortwave radio, a Uniden Bearcat 245XLT scanner, an Oregon Scientific WR-8000 weather alert radio and a Cobra 46WX handheld CB (crappy unit, but it is what I have). I also keep a number of antennas from a Radio Shack reel antenna for shortwave, a BNC extension for the CB, to a Kaito battery powered shortwave tunable antenna/signal booster. I also have a handheld microphone that will work with handheld CBs and FRS radios along with a PTT/VOX adapter that will allow me to use a standard 2.5mm headset with the same radios.

I need to replace the portable CB with a better unit, maybe a Midland. I also want to get a handheld ham radio and a newer digital scanner, plus some FRS radios. Older handheld ham radios can be found on eBay and at swapmeets for under $100 each. A handheld ham would allow me to make contact with someone in any emergency. Under current FCC rules you have to have a license to broadcast on the ham bands, except in a life threatening emergency in which case anyone can broadcast, this suits my needs perfectly since I am more of a listener than a talker. In a worst case scenario there won't be much government or they will be too busy to bother with enforcing radio laws. At some point I need to pick up a basic GPS receiver so that I can give my location if need be. I've also thought of adding some pocket flares too. Since the survival kit has a signal mirror I think I can skip having one in my comms kit.

Most of the pictures below are from the net.

Kaito KA-008 Shortwave radio

Cobra 46WX handheld CB

Uniden Bearcat 245XLT Scanner

1- handheld CB/FRS microphone
2 - PTT/VOX adapter for handheld CB/FRS
3 - Radio Shack shortwave reel antenna
4 - BNC extension

Kaito tunable shortwave antenna/booster

Kaito tunable shortwave antenna/booster - set up instructions

Oregon Scientific WR-8000 Weather Alert Radio

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