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Suggested Gear and Clothing

I was asked to create these pages for a private site. Quite a bit of research went into these pages so I decided to provide the information on these pages to a wider audience.
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BOB (Bug Out Bag) Basics

You should have a BOB or Bug Out Bag for every member of your family in case you have no option but to leave your home. Your BOB should contain food, water and clothing for three days to a week. You should have some means to purify any water you find. You should have basic cooking gear, sleeping gear, personal hygiene and first aid supplies, basic camping tools, shelter and some means to listen to the news. Don't forget basic identification and proof of where you live and copies of any other important papers. Your BOB should be packed and ready to go at all times.

Here is a sample list of gear for your BOB:

     - 3 to 10 days of lightweight food

     - At least 2 days of water
     - Means to purify water
     - Some way to cook your food (stove, rack for fire)
     - 1 quart pot, 3 quart pot, stainless steel fry pan, coffee percolator/tea pot
     - stainless steel mess kit, two insulated or plastic mugs/cups
     - knife, fork and spoon set, steak knife
     - 5 gallon collapsible water jug
     - measuring cups, spatula, slotted spoon
     - basic spices
     - 2 quart canteens, water bottles or hydration bag
     - dish scrubby and dish soap
     - small bottle of bleach
     - manual can opener

     - tent with extra pegs/stakes and/or two tarps (8 feet X 6 feet)
     - sleeping bag or blankets
     - sleeping pad
     - 10 to 20 small nails
     - 50 feet of rope
     - 100 feet parachute cord
     - plastic sheet/tarp or heavy duty garbage bags

     - underwear, 4 to 7 pairs
     - socks, 4 to 7 pairs (wool - some cotton is OK)
     - T shirts, 4 to 8 (at least 2 all synthetic)
     - long sleeve shirt
     - fleece or wool sweater or 2
     - wind & water resistant jacket with hood
     - athletic/sweat pants, 2 pairs
     - jeans, 1 pair
     - shorts, 1 pair
     - thermal underwear, 1 pair
     - watchmen's cap (wool or fleece)
     - baseball cap
     - sneakers
     - hiking boots
     - water shoes, moccasins, flip flops, etc
     - army poncho
     - seasonal clothing
     - Woolite
     - retractable clothesline and clothes pins (6 to 10)
     - bandanas (3)

     - Multi-tool (Leatherman, Gerber)
     - folding knife, 3 to 4 inch
     - fixed blade knife, 4 to 6 inch
     - hatchet
     - machete
     - leather work gloves
     - compass
     - LED flashlight
     - squeeze/shake/windup LED flashlight
     - light sticks, three 6 hour
     - solar/crank/battery powered multi-band radio
     - whistle
     - matches, 50 to 100
     - disposable lighters, 2
     - magnesium fire block
     - binoculars, small sportsman's
     - small shovel or entrenching tool
     - basic survival kit

     - basic first aid kit
     - blister cream and moleskin
     - NP95 disposable masks
     - latex exam gloves
     - medicated foot powder
     - extra Ace bandages
     - spare eye glasses or contacts
     - 30 day supply of any prescription medications
     - lip balm/chapstick
     - sunscreen
     - 2 decks of cards (Sanity)
     - favorite book (Sanity)
     - travel/auto versions of popular games (Sanity)

     - comb/brush
     - tooth brush, tooth paste, floss
     - deodorant/antiperspirant (scentless if going into woods)
     - nail clippers & file
     - soap in soap dish and/or liquid soap
     - face cloth or body scrubber
     - hand towel
     - bath towel
     - baby wipes
     - baby powder
     - sample/hotel size shampoo and conditioner
     - antibacterial wash
     - sample size shaving cream and disposable razor
     - toilet paper
     - small unbreakable mirror
     - feminine products
     - garbage bags

     - roll of quarters
     - pre-paid long distance phone card
     - Cash, as much as possible in 1s, 5s, 10s & 20s (minimum $200)
     - Keep in mind bribes and other "tolls" or "taxes" that may suddenly appear

     The minimum amount you will need is the number of gallons of gas it takes to get to your
     destination times $5 (to account for price gouging), plus meals and snacks along the way and
     hotels based on one room for every 12 hours of travel time plus one more just in case.

Your BOB should be made of sturdy material. It can be a backpack, duffel bag or a plastic tote. I would suggest a backpack so that it is easy to carry if you are forced to walk for any distance. Older ALICE backpacks allow you to add pouches, canteen covers, etc and are fairly inexpensive.

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