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I was asked to create these pages for a private site. Quite a bit of research went into these pages so I decided to provide the information on these pages to a wider audience.
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Survival Tools

In any survival situation there are a number of tools that will help you recover from a disaster, whether that is rebuilding, cleaning up or getting your BOV unstuck. Ideally you should have a set of these at your retreat if you have one and a set on your BOV. If you can only afford one set keep it with your BOV or in your trailer. If space is a premium in your BOV consider a large roof basket and build a box to put in the basket and keep these tools in. These tools could mean the difference between your BOV remaining stuck, or how easy your cleanup or rebuilding is. With the exception of the chainsaw you should be able to get these tools for betweem $100 and $200, a small price to pay for being well prepared for whatever comes your way.

These tools are on top of the basic tools we all have - hammers, screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, gardening and woodworking tools, etc. Below are some of the common tools you can get at any hardware store. For less common, or old fashioned, tools that would be good to have if you are forced to rebuild from scratch with no power sources see Lehman's.

When trying to decide between wood or fibreglass handles I usually choose wood. Fibreglass handles quickly raise the price, but are known for being near to unbreakable, lighter and longer lasting. If you decide to go with fibreglass handles make sure that the handle can be replaced and that the tool in question is not moulded with the fibreglass handle. You may also want to consider picking up a wood replacement handle as well.
Shovel, round, long handle
Since these are so usefull you might want to get 2.

Shovel, round, short handle

Shovel, spade

Shovel, square

Dirt Breaker






Splitting wedge

Sledge, 4 pound

Sledge, 10 pound

Prybar, 36 inch



Rake, bow / gravel

Rake, leaf

Bolt Cutters, 24 or 36 inch
To cut fence or chain while bugging out.

To quickly cut any fallen trees blocking your path while bugging out.

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