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I was asked to create these pages for a private site. Quite a bit of research went into these pages so I decided to provide the information on these pages to a wider audience.
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My 2 Burner Triple Fuel Stove

This is a Coleman model 424 Dual Fuel stove. From the factory it can use Coleman Fuel (white gas/napha) and unleaded gasoline for fuel. With the addition of a Century propane adapter model 2118 Regulated Converter that costs about $16 the stove will now work with propane as well. One stove, three fuel sources for ultimate convience.

I've used this stove with a 20 pound bulk tank, distribution tree and adapter hose for the last few years. It comes in handy on weekends when the grill is going and I need to cook vegetables to go with what is cooking on the grill. I have never had a problem and it works great. For those of you who have old liquid fuel Coleman stoves that your wife won't touch spend the $16 and get one of these adapters.
Everything in a carry case

The stove itself

Stove open with liquid fuel tank installed

Stove closed with propane adapter on top

Propane adapter installed

Propane adapter with 1 pound propane bottle attached

Bulk propane tank
I have a standard 20 pound bulk propane tank I use with my stove when using propane. The propane tank is mounted on a standard luggage cart and held in place by a bungee cord. A 3 position distribution tree is attached to the tank, this allows me to hook up 3 regular propane devices such as 2 stoves (with extension hoses) and a lantern; or a stove, lantern and heater. The extension hose is kept with the tank as well. I have an adapter so that I can hook the hose to the tank directly.

Future Plans
Step 1 - Get a stove stand to go with this setup.
Step 2 - Get a propane turkey fryer with a large, heavy duty burner.
Step 3 - Get a 3 burner dual fuel Coleman stove, propane adapter, extension hose and a stove stand.
Step 4 - Get another bulk tank, luggage cart and distribution tree.
Step 5 - Get 2 propane lanterns that can be dedicated to the cooking setup.
Step 6 - Build a wheeled kitchen box to put the stoves, lanterns, propane tanks, Coleman fuel, lanterns and other cooking gear in and keep things organized . The box could be used as a base for putting the stoves on with the addition of a metal top to prevent the wood from burning. I'll do this once I get a small trailer to keep my gear in, the kitchen box could then be wheeled in and out of the trailer.

June 2011 Update
I don't have a stove stand, they seem too low but I do have 2 six foot folding tables I use. I have a 1/4 inch thick piece of OSB I put under the stove since the table is plastic. I've also added a few stoves to the collection, they are listed below:

My original dual fuel 2 burner
2 "wide" two burners
3 or 4 older two burners
2 three burners
A second propane adapter

I'm up to about 15 twenty pound tanks and 3 one hundred pound tanks. I do need another tree and hose though. I'm looking for a couple of propane lanterns to put on the top of the trees, but I will wait for those to go on sale again and keep looking at garage sales.

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